LCL Silencer - Final Critical Lifting

  • Posted on:  Monday, 20 May 2019 09:35

On 28/04/2018 we are pleased to announce that the last item - Silencer LCL10 BR010 Condensate System Vacuum Piping was lifted on Unit 6, with following technical details:

This is the last "critical – tandem lifting" which was carried out with the usage of two cranes (Mobile Crane + Wolff Crane). This lifting was performed on highest safety standards according to the established lifting plan / rigging study.

Before this task started, safety meeting was conducted with all involved employees regarding following topics:

  • Pre Task Assessment prepared and communicated to all involved employees
  • Method Statement & Rigging study was communicated to all involved employees  
  • Risk Assessment Unit 6 & Risk Assessment for Working at height was communicated to all involved employees  
  • Lifting Tackle Inspectors verified paperwork for rigging equipment (certificates and 6/3/1-monthly inspections) and daily inspection was conducted for all rigging equipment prepared to be used for this task
  • Pre-Lift Check List for Critical lifting and Pre-Lift Check list (All lifting activities) was communicated and signed by all involved employees in this task – process of “critical-tandem lifting activity” - Rigger, Rigging Foreman, Rigging Superintendent deputy, Crane Operater 1&2

Preparation and performing of lifting/rigging were conducted under supervision by Mr. Carlos Myekwa (rigging superintendent /deputy) with assistance of Godfrey Gumede (rigging foreman) and Cristopher Shongwe (rigging foreman).

Item - LCL silencer was transported with special transport vehicle and off-loaded on 27/04/2018 inside Laydown area Unit 6, ground level- West side.

28/04/2018 LCL silencer was lifted up, positioned and secured on final position 96 – 108 ml bau group 2.

Following photos showing preparation, lifting/rigging and aligning of item to final position.


The team were congratulated by IMR Management for the safe execution of the lift / installation of the silencer, led by Mr. Carlos Myekwa, under the safety supervision of Ryken Molapo (HSE Rigging Supervisor) and Brenda Shabangu (HSE Coordinator).