Successfully managed moving over from old building offices to the new ones

  • Posted on:  Thursday, 20 November 2014 09:28

The corporation till the youngest work duties found its place in old building offices of the Đuro Đaković, d.d.Corporation part, named MILOVIĆKA, where it was able to be active and present till the last days latest. 

Even since the past, it has been intensively worked out on promotions of not only business culture, and economical elevation, but also on renew of ambiental environment, in order to achieve a goal of modern metamorphosis as a proof  of way and transition of the company from small till nowadays on good way, acknowledgeble and confident, profiled business subject, with very good placed and fixed pattern of activity and expeditivity. 

IMR Hamburg existed in the past period of time since the companies establishment 12.03.2012. where he developed all its latest economical experiences, and on the wings of new raisings and challenges succeded to promote picturely towards to new location spaces.-said the director of IMR Hamburg d.o.o.Slavonski Brod, Zoran Radić.

The success of the company can be seen into the decision of moving the business facilities from MILOVIĆKA to the location in the complex of workshop, also on the same adress, and that is dr.Mile Budaka 1, 35 000 Slavonski Brod, and the easiest way to find us is by entry to the duty-free zone of the Đuro Đaković d.d. Company. 

We hope that that with new fresh we shall be able to ray with joy of business success. 

In the new business places, in the new time, for new development and prosperity.

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